Behind the curtains of 90's web design

Homeless Man

Homeless in Palo Alto

Vic dressed well, though his clothes were timeworn, his style was slightly hippy.  He was Palo Alto’s mayor for the homeless.  He knew everyone and everything that was going on at those levels….

InfiNet Time Pt. 2

I’m a little hard on InfiNet sometimes, but a lot of good happened there.  There are people I remember fondly, and others I remember, well, not so fondly….

The seeds of Project Cool

I had wanted to leave InfiNet for quite some time.  The problem was that I didn’t know where I would go, what I would do, or even where to look….

InfiNet Time Pt. 1

One of Rick’s business development goals for the future were, smoked glass virtual reality buildings in an internet based shopping mall.  The Aardvark Mall.  Why that name?  Because a name starting with AA is going to be higher alphabetically in any…

A writer’s dilemma

The pushback I’ve received to not write my story has been interesting. People I’ve contacted from those years have gone silent. I’ve been told I shouldn’t write about anyone I knew. I’ve been threatened. I’ve been blocked just…

Cool Site in a Day

February 25, 1997 was the date the Web Developer and Design Exhibition at Moscone Center in San Francisco.  Kirsten Alexander, of Songline Studios was a writer for Web Review asked me to come participate in what she called Cool Site in…

Tilting at windmills

You see, you can’t understand the issues of the time unless you were working in the trenches.  The people at Microsoft talking about standards, I’m not sure they actually had to code like the real heroes of the web. The real…

View the source, Luke.

After everyone picked their jaws up off the floor, they viewed the source.  And there, fully documented, was everything they needed to know to take that code and use it for themselves along with my token “steal my code” statement…

A search engine for web developers

The history of the first search engine for Web Developers, DevSearch. It really wasn’t about marketing, it was just a tool I needed, so I built it….

Jack Rabbit Slim’s

Talker had an easter egg.  There was a secret room that was Jack Rabbit Slim’s. …